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Wheel Alignment in Marietta, GA


We’ll Set Your Car Straight

European Wheel Alignment Services

Have you noticed rapid wear and tear on your tires? Is your BMW pulling to one side? Or is your Volkswagen steering wheel crooked as you’re driving straight? If you notice any of these issues, your vehicle might need a wheel alignment. This service ensures your car’s four tires meet the road at the right angle and all point in the same direction. Not only do wheel alignments increase your safety, but they also improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency. If your import vehicle is due for a wheel alignment, contact the ASE-certified mechanics at Syncro Car Care in Marietta, Georgia, today. For almost 20 years, we have provided dependable, quality automotive repair and maintenance services to Cobb County motorists. Our team is specifically trained to work on European cars, including BMWs, Audis, VWs, and MINIs. We stand behind our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. Schedule your wheel alignment service appointment now by calling (770) 693-0271. We are open Monday through Friday, Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 6:00pm, and on Saturday by appointment only.

The Importance of Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments are among the most essential maintenance services your car needs. If your tires aren’t properly aligned, it can lead to premature tire wear, handling difficulties, and poor fuel economy. Misaligned wheels will also jeopardize your comfort, safety, and driving enjoyment. Your wheels should be aligned once a year, during every other oil change, or when you install new tires. At Syncro Car Care in Marietta, Georgia, we recommend aligning your wheels every 6,000 miles. This ensures optimal driving performance, protection, and handling. During the alignment, our ASE-certified technicians will make three different types of adjustments to your car’s suspension system, including caster, camber, and toe and thrust angle adjustments. This ensures everything is precise and accurate, allowing your import car to drive at its best.

Time For Wheel Alignment Services?

If your car has squealing tires, noisy steering, or uneven tire wear, call the seasoned auto repair specialists at Syncro Car Care in Marietta, Georgia today. We’ll perform wheel alignment services to ensure your car’s wheels drive straight. This service will benefit you and your car in many ways, including improving fuel efficiency to save money, enhancing driving comfort, and keeping you safe while you’re behind the wheel. While you wait, take advantage of our free Wi-Fi in our comfy waiting area. If you need to get to work, we offer free loaner cars or can help you get an Uber or Lyft. To book your wheel alignment service appointment, call us today at (770) 693-0271. Walk-ins are always welcome! We are conveniently located at 850 Mountain Industrial Dr NW Marietta, GA 30060. Our ASE-certified mechanics will set your car straight. We look forward to helping you.